FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
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Account Management
  • How do I sign in?
    Sign in to AOAprofiles.org by clicking on Sign In and (for organizations) entering your login credentials, or (for physicians) your birthdate (m/d/yyyy) and AOA number or First and Last name registered with the AOA. If you are unable to login please contact the AOIA.
  • I forgot my username or password. What do I do?
    On the Sign In page click on forgot customer ID or password, input your customer ID to retrieve your password, or the email registered to your account to retrieve customer ID. An email with the information will be sent to the email registered to the account.
  • How do I change my password?
    Once logged in click "Edit Account" at the top of the page. On the Edit Your Account Information page you will find the Change Password link under your account information.
  • What payment methods are accepted by AOAprofiles.org?
    We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. In the near future, AOAprofiles.org will accept electronic checks.
  • What is the pricing for the Official Physician Profile Report?

    AOA members send or order Profiles through AOAprofiles.org at no cost. All other orders from AOAProfiles.org are subject to the following fees:

    Physician, Nonmember of AOA: $25 per Profile
    Healthcare Organization:

    (Click here for list of healthcare organization types)
    $25 per Profile

    ($25/ Profile for mail or phone orders)
  • The profile I ordered has incorrect information on it. What do I do?
    If a profile you have purchased or sent contains incorrect data of any kind please contact AOIA and we will send a corrected Profile Report upon update of the incorrect information.
  • Are charges for profiles refundable?
    No, charges are not refundable. However, a replacement Official Physician Profile Report will be issued for incorrect orders on a case to case basis. Please contact credentials@AOAprofiles.org.
Profile Data
  • How do I contact the AOIA about any issues with Physician Profiles?
    Email: credentials@AOAprofiles.org
    Phone: (312) 202-8000
  • What information is contained in the Official Physician Profile Report?
    The Official Physician Profile Report features comprehensive, up-to-date, primary-source information from the AOIA. See the sample profile for a detailed description.