CVO Contractual Agreement Help

Is my organization a CVO?

  • Does your organization perform credentials verification for organizations other than your own for a fee?
  • Does your organization report the credentialing information to CLIENTS?
  • Does your organization have systems in place to protect the confidentiality and integrity of the information?

If you answered YES to ALL 3 questions, proceed to register as a CVO.

If you answered NO to 1 or MORE questions, go back and register as a HEALTHCARE organization.

We require credentials verification organizations (CVOs) to sign a contract to obtain the Official Osteopathic Physician Profile Report.

Download and print the CVO Agreement for Profiles, review terms, sign and email to

Once we receive the signed contract, you will be given a Customer ID and Password to access the system and begin ordering profiles online.

Questions? Call (312) 202-8000.

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